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Monitoring Tennessee's Improvement

Continuing to refocus on the process of becoming a good program again. Here's a list of things Tennessee's doing well as of this week:

Categories In Which Tennessee
Is In The Top Quarter
Category Ranking
Fewest Yards Penalized Per Game 11th
Kickoff Return Yardage Defense 21st


Unfortunately, that's two fewer things in the top quartile than last week. Everything dropped a bit, and Fumbles Lost and Fewest Penalties Per Game fell right out of the top 30.

How about individual players ranked in the top 50? Also down from four to two:

Player Ranking Stat
Marsalis Teague 40th Passes Defended
Chad Cunningham 29th Punting


Nick Reveiz fell out of the top 50 in total tackles, and Tauren Poole fell out in rushing.

Now on to what we'll euphemistically call Tennessee's greatest opportunities for improvement. After the jump.

Categories In Which Tennessee
Is In The Bottom Quarter

Category Ranking Last Week Better?
Red Zone Efficiency 118th 116th N
Pass Sacks Allowed 118th 106th N
Tackles for Loss Allowed 116th 102nd N
Offense Third Down Efficiency 110th 115th Y
Punt Returns 108th 104th N
First Downs 108th 111th Y
Offense Fourth Down Efficiency 108th 114th Y
Kickoff Returns 102nd 101st N
Pass Sacks 98th 106th Y
Rushing Offense 96th 91st N
Time of Possession 95th 104th Y
Turnover Margin 94th - N
Scoring Offense 93rd 94th Y
Scoring Defense 93rd - N
Turnovers Gained 91st - N
Total Offense 90th 95th Y
Pass Defense 90th 95th Y
Passing Efficiency - 92nd Y


So against a top 25 team in the categories in which we've been performing most poorly, the team improved in nine categories and got worse in nine categories. Which just bolsters my theory that for a young, rebuilding venture, squeezing the balloon in one spot just makes it expand in another.

But we'll get there. Hopefully, we'll see most things improve this week and throughout the month of November.