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Tennessee Vols At Memphis Tigers: Open Game Thread

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Kickoff: 8 p.m. ET | Liberty Bowl
Television: CBS College Sports
Live Audio: Vol Network | Stations | Listen Online
Live Stats: Gametracker
Gameday Attire: UT Blitz Hoodie (Record: 0-1)

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Jackson the Mule says . . .
Jackson the Mule
. . . why didn't anyone tell Joel he listed UT as ranked #17 last week?

Congratulations to goldballs for winning this week's Hail Mary Haiku contest with the following:

Memphis then Vandy
Season not bust if we are
Tennessee State champs

Dear me, how far we've fallen.

But all of that ends today, my friends. We may not win out in November, but today's the day we can get things turned around and headed in the right direction. Today's the day the slide stops. This, this is as low as we go. From here, we climb. We may slip at times -- expect it -- but we will never again be here. Upward!

Uh . . . sorry. I have no idea where that little drama came from. It just sort of escaped through the tips of my fingers. And yes, I'm way overconfident about today. And yes, we could technically be right back here if we win today and lose next week. But the idea of being able to actually measure progress from this point forward does have me feeling good. How about you?

Go Vols!