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College Football BlogPoll Week 10 Draft

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At  first blush, I don't think our computers will require too much in the way of overrides, but there are a few out there.  The Excel '07 sheet is here, and the list follows.

  1. TCU Horned Frogs
  2. Boise St. Broncos
  3. Oregon Ducks
  4. Ohio St. Buckeyes
  5. Auburn Tigers
  6. Stanford Cardinal
  7. Iowa Hawkeyes
  8. Alabama Crimson Tide
  9. Nebraska Cornhuskers
  10. Nevada Wolf Pack
  11. Utah Utes
  12. LSU Tigers
  13. Arizona Wildcats
  14. Wisconsin Badgers
  15. Michigan St. Spartans
  16. Oklahoma St. Cowboys
  17. Central Florida Knights
  18. Arkansas Razorbacks
  19. Oklahoma Sooners
  20. Mississippi St. Bulldogs
  21. Texas A&M Aggies
  22. Florida St. Seminoles
  23. Virginia Tech Hokies
  24. Miami Hurricanes
  25. Florida Gators


The Top

At this point, I feel there are three teams with legit claim to the top two slots: TCU, Boise, and Oregon.  I don't mind much of any order of the three, so let me know if you'd prefer them to be switched a bit.  I do think Auburn is the #4 in line because their defensive metrics don't hold up (this is why Ohio State actually jumps them in our computer).  I'll manually bump Auburn over Ohio St. in deference to the unbeaten record, but I'd need a good argument to move them up further.  (And no, 'SEC Pride' is not a good argument.)

Upper Middle

After the first four, you can get really creative in the order.  There are a few obvious moves, like putting LSU ahead of Alabama (looking at you, Will).  Some are more difficult, like what to do with Nevada and Utah.  I'm inclined to leave Nevada ahead; their SoS is slightly worse than Utah's, but they also didn't get absolutely embarrassed on their own field and their one loss was @ Hawaii, with the '@' being a rather important qualifier in this case.  Outside of that, talk to me.

Central Florida

Good record, weak SoS, good defense.  Probably should be ranked, but where?

The Bottom

Miami and Florida?  What about San Diego St., Missouri, and might Northern Illinois?