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Elizabeth Williams Will Reportedly Commit to Duke Over Lady Vols Tomorrow

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We had high hopes that Elizabeth Williams, the top-ranked post player in the 2011 class, would commit to be a part of the Lady Vols recruiting class, but the rumors are that she will instead commit to Duke tomorrow morning.  Dan Fleser of GVX cites an anonymous source within Tennessee's program, which is probably reliable.  Early signing doesn't actually start until Thursday, but women's basketball recruiting is nowhere near as dodgy as the men's game or as football, so a verbal from Williams is pretty much the end of the game.  Her actual announcement will come at 1 PM on Tuesday, so we'll hold out vain hope and not call this official until she says it is, but sources are usually correct in these things. 

Kiah Stokes has already committed to UConn (boo!), so the only prospect on Tennessee's board for the final scholarship is Briyona Canty, the top-ranked shooting guard of the class.  As the #6 player in the class (according to ESPN), that's still a heck of a consolation prize.  Even if Canty does not come to Tennessee, however, the team will have plenty of depth with the current 14-player rotation in 2011 and the scholarship can be held until the 2012 class with no real concerns.  This is an enviable position for even major programs to be in.

For reference, here's our look at the three players and the potential impact each could have on Tennessee's team in the future.  Personally, I was most hoping for Williams as she had played for nearly two years on an U17 team with some of the other Tennessee commits of this class and she would have been the eventual heir to Vicki Baugh's position.  But if Canty steps up to the Ladies, we will be settled at the guard positions for several years into the future.  Both Lauren Avant and Meighan Simmons looked good in early exhibition action, and Ariel Massengale of the 2011 class looks to give the point the depth that has been lacking for the last two years.

in short, losing Williams is a disappointment, but we'll still have the numbers 3, 4, 6, and 29 in this class (assuming Canty commits), which is an absolute monster of a class.