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Derek Dooley? More like Debbie Downer!

  • Derek Dooley tries to put on his his best Buzz Killington face in an attempt to impart upon his Tennessee Volunteer outfit -- and the fan base in support thereof -- a sort of reality check, if you will.  His efforts will of course fail miserably.  We are an unstoppable juggernaut, and this simply cannot be denied. 
  • This has already been linked, but the Memphis players are upset about orange-clad Vol fans running all up in, around, over, and underneath their crib.  Tiger Middle.  Hehe. 
  • A couple secondary considerations for our defense as they formulate a potential gameplan with the end goal of not stopping but merely containing the inevitable aerial fusillade which tends to effortlessly emanate from the laser rocket arm of one Jeremiah Masoli.
  • When I first read this headline, I thought for a split second that maybe just maybe "Offensive Line Shuffle" referred to a new choreographed dance routine from the big fellas.  And I couldn't wait to see the video.  Alas, I was disappointed. 
  • I also thought "step-back" from this headline was maybe just maybe referring to our freshmen kicker's contribution to the O-Line's choreographed dance.  And I was extra pumped about this because I figured I'm probably not big enough to really do the "Offensive Line Shuffle", but surely I could incorporate the "step-back" into my own dance routine.  Alas, I was bitterly disappointed. 
  • It has been said before and will be said again, but Dooley is a legitimately funny dude.  Not like Dave Chappelle "I'm Rick James..." funny where you're keeling over laughing and slapping your knee, but just a steady stream of seemingly inadvertent fantastic material.  Boom!  Pow!  Zing!  Rinse. Lather.  Repeat.  I'm gonna shoot Kirk Herbstreit an email and see if I can get him to go ahead and add this -- funniest coaches -- as one of his "Herbie Awards" categories.  Then maybe we can get on the board.  I believe we got shut out this year. 
  • Wes Rucker recommends checking out this Clarion Ledger blog for good info and updates on the mighty mighty Rebels. 
  • If anybody is looking for a way to become immediately dumber, i would strongly recommend checking out the comments to any and every GVX article ever written.  I scrolled a little bit too far down yesterday and was immediately felt some strong "Flowers for Algernon" type stuff going on.  Hold on, was that last sentence grammatically incorrect?  What's happening to me?
  • Dear RTT readers: I can't promise you much, but I can promise you that I will never ever ever link you over to The Bleacher Report.  So when you speak of me, try to speak of me kindly.  Sincerely, Kidbourbon

Alright Vol fans, Rebel trolls, and random lurkers alike, keep your deliveries quick and may your presence at all times remain in your pocket.  Until next time...