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SBN College: Views On Pitt's Coach, Calipari, And Little Giants

Around SB Nation's college blogs today:

  • With Michael Haywood possibly emerging as the top target to fill the Pitt coaching vacancy, Cardiac Hill's immediate reaction is "ugh," brought on by the realization that "Pitt went from hiring an NFL head coach, one of the NFL's best defensive coordinators of his time, and a top coordinator at a major Division I school in, ironically, Miami (FL), to bringing in a guy who's had one fair season as a MAC coach."
  • A Sea of Blue helps you lower and uncock your eyebrows upon hearing the news that Kentucky head coach John Calipari has been nominated for a United Nations award.
  • Michigan State blog The Only Colors reveals the top five moments of the 2010 Spartans football season, a list that concludes with what is probably the top moment in the entire season. So far.