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Vols Back on the Grass; Maymon Cleared for Charlotte

The Vols got "back on the grass" yesterday and are gearing up for Carolina.  Gerald Jones says things "started off a little rusty," Tyler Bray thought everybody played "tremendous," and Coach Dooley saw some "good spirit."  Wes Rucker's professional assessment is that the rust level was "relatively low."  The only real excitement seemed to be early enrollee Brendan Downs struggling with a tiny helmet.  Pretty exciting.  Elsewhere:

  • Vols head to Charlotte tonight for a hoops match-up with the 49ers.  Our guys will be in white for some reason having to do with a planned Charlotte "black out."  Transfer Jeronne Maymon has been cleared and should play.
  • Everybody's academically eligible for the Music City Bowl.  Well done, gentlemen scholars.
  • Former Vol Josh Briscoe may avoid imprisonment for that time he was an assistant at Pigeon Forge and sexted a 15-year-old player.  Briscoe's attorney described the text (which included some suggestion of a "particular sexual favor") as locker-room banter, but unfortunately for Briscoe the authorities saw it as one count of soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor and two counts of solicitation of a minor.  Briscoe's reached a tentative deal with the state and should have the case expunged from his record with a little community service (and a lot of refraining from soliciting sexual favors, particular or otherwise, from 15-year-old boys).
  • For reasons apparent to no one, Luke Stocker picked tomorrow to get hitched.  Groomsmen Nick Reveiz, Daniel Lincoln, and Cody Pope will be arriving late because Dooley has rejected the Luck Stocker Bowl Prep Plan.  So, post-practice road trip to Kingsport.  Here's hoping they make the parish line.