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Wilcox rumors, basketvol recession, and UNC dance in our heads

  • Thought it is arguably too early for a retrospective on Coach Dooley's first year, Austin Ward decided to do it anyway. 
  • In the above link and the following video -- which is embedded from the above link -- Dooley certainly does not give the impression that winning is anything other than the utmost priority.  This I like.

  • The public opinion on our bowl is more cleanly split down the middle than any other bowl on the board.  Joe Public may not know who is going to win the bowl game, but I do.  And, no, I'm not telling.  But I know.
  • There hasn't been any new news on the Justin Wilcox situation in some time.  I personally believe -- based on the things that he said in his interview and from bits and pieces of other lonestar rumblings -- that he will be out after the bowl game.  After listening to Coach Dooley's comments in the following video, I'm confident the head man has a couple solid replacements in mind.

  • The chatter around the BasketVols has been noticeably less vociferous the last couple days, and with good reason.  We been sucking, y'all.  Wes Rucker, channelling Bruce Pearl, puts on his Captain Obvious Cape and writes that problems still need to be fixed.