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I still like it when Eric Berry takes it to the crib

  • Eric Berry popped his cherry. After several almost-pick-six's, Mr. Berry finally got himself the real deal holyfield. Sorry to those who are die-hard Titans fans. My NFL fandom is more of a fluid concept. In other words, I root for who I want to when I want to. And so today I root for Eric Berry. Check it:

  • Janzen Jackson is baaaaaaack. Selfishly, I like hearing this news because Janzen Jackson is very very good at football and happens to play for the team I root for. But I do sincerely hope that all is well with Mr. Jackson's personal/family situation.
  • Tennessee's football players make it to Nashville despite weather impediments. David Oku is also back and trying to play catch-up with the schemes, and the players who saw Eric Gordon saw red.
  • Bruce Pearl is still tinkering with the players' roles in the rotation recipe. My suggestion would be to go with two tablespoons apiece of Scotty Hopson and Tobias Harris; at least a tablespoon and a half apiece of Cameron Tatum, Melvin Goins, and Brian Williams; and, among other things, a dash of cloves. You're gonna want that dash of cloves.
  • With the bowl games involving SEC about to kick off, the age-old question again bubbles up to the surface. Do you root against your SEC rivals, or do you treat it as a brother situation where you want to kick their butt, but you got their back if anybody else messes with them? Tell me what you think in the fancy little poll that follows.