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Urban Meyer Hates Losing, Derek Dooley Pours His Own Dool-Aid

via danmarcel

Talking Points for this cold Thursday morning:

  • John Adams finds a common denominator in Urban Meyer's 2009 resignation and the 2010 version: losing. And just in case that's not harsh enough, we have ESPN's Pat Forde:
    So you're Urban Meyer. And losing devastates you. And it's happened five times in one fall, which is a first for you in 10 seasons as a head coach. And the spoiled fans are angry. And the media wants to know what happened to the offense. And players keep showing up on the police blotter. And everyone keeps unfavorably comparing your quarterbacks to Newton.

    * * * *

    But if Meyer suddenly shows up in Denver to coach Tebow, he's a con man of the highest order. If he changes his mind and comes back to Florida before it hires someone else, he's a diva even Favre would disdain. If he takes another job a year from now, his family will know once and for all where it ranks in his personal hierarchy of needs.
    Or he could just tire of watching his kids lose games because, you know, that's a possibility. And seriously, nobody likes to lose, but everyone needs to learn how, right?

    Florida recruits, by the way? Stunned. And targeted, I'm guessing.
  • Meanwhile, Derek Dooley is out there recruiting guys like 6'6", 310-pound offensive lineman Antonio Richardson, and HE'S POURING HIS OWN LEMONADE, Y'ALL ($). (Seriously, that's a story about how Dooley poured himself some lemonade in a recruit's kitchen. Really.) The reporter, though, must have been fed misinformation, because we all know that that's not lemonade he was pouring. It was a giant pitcher of sweet, sweet Dool-Aid. Four-star running back Jeremy Hill, who recently decommitted from LSU, HE'S COMING FOR YOU, TOO. OH YEAH!
  • It appears that Bruce Pearl and Ken Pomeroy are on the same page: Pitt will be the best team Tennessee faces all year ($). Don't miss this one, folks. Expect to see a new face on Saturday because sophomore power forward Jeronne Maymon will reportedly be eligible. Introducing a new player into an existing rotation always brings with it concerns about chemistry, but Maymon apparently brings a certain toughness to the mix, and the only immediate impact is that it moves Stephen Pearl from backing up Tobias Harris at the 4 to competing with two other players at the 3.