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The Record of Wrongs: Kentucky Wildcats

[Note by Joel, 02/12/10 9:10 AM EST ] I always seem to forget the disclaimer: This is all in fun, all meant to be good-natured.

Hear ye, hear ye. It's time for Tennessee Volunteer fans across the interwebosphere to gather for the ceremonial reading of the Record of Wrongs, a litany of the offenses committed by the Kentucky Wildcats. And folks, we're going to need your help here because (1) this is Kentucky, (2) Calipari's Record of Wrongs while at Memphis follow him to Lexington, and (3) I got started on this later because for some reason, I thought we just needed to update the record for Kentucky, but this is inexplicably the first Record of Wrongs we've ever done for the Wildcats basketball team. I know. It's UNFORGIVEABLE. Add that to my Record of Wrongs.

Anyway, away we go:

  • Calipari's players have been caught on camera slapping opposing fans at the game (click for big and then see the poor guy dressed in red among all that horrid blue):

    Memphis at UAB

  • Under Calipari's watch, Memphis retailers sold thousands of blue I Hate Orange t-shirts prior to the 2008 Pearlfection game. The Memphis athletic department also denied ESPN's request to pack out the FedEx Forum with half Tiger fans and half Vol fans and instead limited admission to 3,500 Memphis fans.
  • Calipari (intentionally?) referred to Memphis native J.P. Prince as "P.J." just prior to the Pearlfection game. "P.J." had a great game, and he's been "Pajamas" to us ever since.
  • Calipari considers Tennessee "a regional power."
  • The maximum distance Calipari can be kicked is a mere 200,000 miles.
  • There is no coach in the country that respects Tennessee less than Calipari.
  • And those are just the wrongs imported from Memphis. The Kentucky program itself has also compiled quite a record of offenses against our beloved (and guiltless! ;-)) Volunteers. So what are they? Leave your findings in the comment section below.