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Why the Wildcats beat Tennessee in the last ten minutes

A few more notes about Tennessee's lost to Kentucky this weekend:

And the rest of the Talking Points for 2/15/10:

  • The Lady Vols dominate in the second half on their way to an 83-44 win over Florida.
  • Chris Low has clarification on the new 28-signee rule, whether early enrollees or December JuCo enrollees count (no and no), the all-important number 25 (the max number of initial qualifiers you can enroll on scholarship each year, the other all-important number 85 (the most scholarships you can have at any given time), counting back, and grayshirting.
  • Chris Low is counting down the SEC's 30-best players of 2009. He's down to No. 8, and Montario Hardesty (#18) and Dan Williams (#16) have already made the list.
  • Dr. Saturday gives us a look at excessive celebrations, "that loathsome scourge of the new generation."
  • We've had this reported here before in various comment threads, but Austin Rogers decided awhile ago to give up on getting a sixth year of eligibility due to a torn ACL before last season began. He'd been told initially that it was a long shot, and by the time it looked like it might actually be granted, he'd already decided to focus on a shot at the NFL. He'll take part in Pro Day on March 17.
  • Did you ever wonder why SB Nation doesn't allow folks to edit comments? This is one reason.