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Tennessee Lady Vols visit Alabama for their final road game of the season

 Position Name  Experience  Height PPG RPG APG
lady vols logo Angie Bjorklund  Jr  6-0 14.9 2.9 2.6
Alicia Manning So  6-1 4.5 3.9 2.0
Glory Johnson  So  6-3 11.3 8.2 1.0
G-F  Shekinna Stricklen  So  6-2 12.4 6.1 4.0
Kelley Cain  So  6-6 10.2 7.8 0.8
alabama logo F Tierney Jenkins Jr 6-0 12.2 9.4 1.5
G Ericka Russell So 5-7 11.0 3.2 1.3
G Dedrea Magee Sr 5-7 8.4 3.7 3.7
G LaToya King Jr 5-4 6.0 2.1 2.9
C Courtney Strauthers Sr 6-4 2.8 3.0 0.2



Net TV: ESPN360

Net Radio:  Lady Vols Radio

Alabama is currently the bottom team in the SEC while Tennessee is alone at the top.  This should be a game that Tenenssee can win going away so long as they keep their focus and bring the intensity that they showed against Florida last Sunday.

The big news is that Kelley Cain will not be playing tonight.  She has been given a night of reprieve by Summitt so that she can stay home and focus on classes.  Don't read too much into that last sentence, though; Cain is already a senior in class standing, and her particular degree requirements forced her into a heavy Thursday classtime load.  She will probably finish her Master's before leaving UT, so there isn't an academic worry here.  Summitt is merely giving a great player a chance to be an even greater student.

Power of Pink

This is another pink game as Alabama will hold their breast cancer fundraiser against the Lady Vols.  If you've been curious why so many teams hold their fundraisers when playing Tennessee, the answer is simple; UT is the largest draw for both the home fans and for the visiting fans.  This will likely be the highest-selling game for Alabama all year, and should make for the highest-grossing fundraiser.

Perimeter Play

One key to Tennessee's dominance over Florida was a suddenly aggressive perimeter game that denied passing as well as the dribble drive.  Perimeter defense had been Tennessee's weak point all year long, so keep an eye on this phase of the game to see if Tennessee is turning a vital corner heading into the tournament season.