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J.P. Prince's aching alien head evidence of good team chemistry

J.P. Prince missed practice yesterday due to a migraine he got just after the game against Georgia Wednesday night. Hey, Brian Williams once said Prince looks like an alien, and Pearl concedes that a headache could be a very serious issue for someone like Prince:

"He'll be fine for Saturday, but last night after the game, he didn't feel so good," Pearl said. "We kind of kidded J.P. He's got a pretty large head, and so we imagine since he has such a really large head, he must have a really large headache."

That's one of the reasons I love this team. After all they've been through, they're not only still winning, they're still having fun. Last week, I heard an audio clip of Wayne Chism ribbing reporter Jimmy Hyams. The previous day, Hyams had asked a player -- Bobby Maze, I think -- if he knew what his three-point shooting percentage was, and when Maze said no, Hyams gave him the bad news. Nothing mean about it, just providing context for the question. But the next day, Weezy started his session with the media by asking Hyams if he knew how his radio show's advertising revenue compared to last year's. When Hyams guessed wrong, Weezy gave him the bad news that it was down something like five percent. You would had to have heard the actual audio, perhaps, but it was done with just the right attitude, with Chism smiling (yes, you could hear it) and laughing his way through the whole hilarious conversation.

Adversity has revealed the character of this team. They're furiously mashing buttons, moving pieces, trying out seven different starting lineups, dealing with dismissals, suspensions, rotation changes, and criticisms of slumping players ($?), and through it all, they're keeping a positive attitude, having a good time and keeping the dream of a special season alive. Chest bumps all around.