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Sign up for the free RTT Mining the Archives Newsletter

The last time we promoted the RTT Newsletter was December 3, about a month before all hell broke loose on Rocky Top. Internet Truth #8 holds that bad news brings new readers, and as we've said before, if you're a relative newcomer to RTT, you can now get up to speed with the old-timers by subscribing to the free RTT Mining the Archives Email Newsletter. Just fill out the form below to receive weekly emails that give you a whirlwind tour through the most popular posts of the last four and a half years, including:

  • What exactly is Rocky Top Talk, anyway?
  • Fun with Logos (the most popular RTT series of all time)
  • Animated BlogPolls
  • Humor as a Coping Mechanism (remember, we've been through both 2005 and 2008!)
  • Just for fun (making fun of rivals, etc.)
  • The 50 best games of the Phillip Fulmer Era

Even if you've been a regular reader for some time, you may have missed some stuff. So sign up already!


By subscribing to the RTT Mining the Archives email newsletter, you'll receive weekly emails highlighting the best stuff from our nearly four years at Rocky Top Talk.