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SEC Basketball Power Poll Week 8 - RTT Ballot


It feels boring - though hey, maybe we've just had it right for awhile - but the top eight remain the same on our ballot for the third consecutive week.

Clay Travis made this point at the start of February, and it's even more true now:  the best teams in the SEC East are far, far better than anyone in the SEC West.  Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and Florida are a staggering 21-0 against the SEC West.  With the Gators completing the sweep of the state of Mississippi on Saturday, Florida should move safely ahead of both the Bulldogs and Rebels in any bracket projection.  UF will host UT on Tuesday in a very important contest, both for third place in the East, and as an opportunity for Florida to really firm up their resume.  

Given their complete inability to beat the good teams in the conference, does any team from the West deserve a bid to the tournament?  Ole Miss is out of options for a quality win, and Mississippi State has only Tennessee in the season finale.  I say neither gets in without winning the SEC Tournament.

Our ballot for week eight, with four games left for each team:

1. Kentucky Wildcats (26-1, 11-1)

2. Vanderbilt Commodores (20-6, 9-3)

3. Tennessee Volunteers (20-6, 8-4)

4. Florida Gators (19-8, 8-4)

5. Mississippi St. Bulldogs (19-8, 7-5)

6. Arkansas Razorbacks (14-13, 7-5)

7. Mississippi Rebels (17-9, 5-7)

8. South Carolina Gamecocks (14-12 5-7)

9. Auburn Tigers (13-14, 4-8)

10. Georgia Bulldogs (12-13, 4-8)

11. Alabama Crimson Tide (14-12, 4-8)

12. LSU Tigers (9-17, 0-12)