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Derek Dooley might as well rename the sports complex Area 51

  • Where's Derek Dooley? The guy's like an unidentified abominable sasquatch nessie-man. We hear stories that he's working diligently in his office, but no one's actually seen him. Bud Ford needs to issue a grainy black and white photograph just to hold us over until the Orange and White Game.
  • Garnet and Black Attack has its recap of Tennessee's 63-55 win over the Gamecocks on Saturday.
  • Bobby Maze is indeed puttin' on for Tennessee, especially against marquee SEC point guards. Maze had 14 points against South Carolina and held Devan Downey to 15 points (eight below his average) on 4 of 18 shooting. Oh, and that sweet baseline dunk? He called it:
"I said I was going to attack the baseline, and coach drew that play up during a time out. I told the guys on the bench that I was going to drive it and dunk it," Maze recalled with a smile. "They all looked at me like I was crazy, like 'no you're not.' So when I flushed it down the first thing I did was look over at our bench and say 'I told you so.'"
  • Brian Williams, ever the joker, says that this is like a new season for him, so he's feeling pretty good about being 2-0 (duplicate link).
  • J.P. Prince, aka Pajamas aka Alien, has yet another nickname: Termite, as in the guy you don't realize is doing real damage until after your largest asset has been reduced to wood crumbs. The same article refers to Pajamas in several places as being "sneaky." I guess when you think about it, he is a lot like Mr. Deeds' butler but without the foot fetish. At least I hope without the foot fetish. Oh, and poor Pajamas! Having to endure the humiliation of a picture showing a basketball hitting his head! The horror! The man will never be the same. By the way, that linked article gives me the opportunity to make a point: we here at RTT (and SBN and any other blog, really) are not journalists and therefore do not labor under any pretense of objectivity. So if you want non-objective stuff on the Vols, we're your guys! Of course, you'll have to put up with us posting the same picture as the newspaper folks, not because it objectively "captured a moment that reflected the game," but because we think it's hilarious.
  • Tennessee and Florida are tied for third in the SEC East at 8-4, meaning either team could bump the other down to fourth ($?) tomorrow night.
  • Mike Strange looks up at the standings and is surprised to find the Vols at 20-6. He's right. Two months ago, did we really think we'd have 20 wins with four regular season games left to play?
  • Jeff Cottam's draft stock is "all over the board," primarily due to the fact that he lost most of his receiving opportunities last year due to the emergence of Luke Stocker. It's not that Cottam can't catch; it's just that Stocker was even better.
  • The Vol Historian recounts a couple of the Vols' scariest injury moments, one of which lies directly at the feet of one Bob Knight.