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2010 Volunteer Football Signee: Tyler Bray

While we can't guarantee the future performance of any commit for any team, it's unquestioned that the commitment of Tyler Bray to Tennessee was the most significant recruiting news item of the year for the Vols.  The announcement was made on September 8, just a few days after his official visit during the Western Kentucky game.  The importance of Tyler Bray was twofold for the recruiting year:  he gave offensive recruits a reason to be excited about the future of football at Tennessee (especially the wide receivers); and he ended the drought of missed quarterback opportunities that included Jake Heaps, Jesse Scroggins, Barry Brunetti, Hendrix, and Tommy Rees.


Tyler is 6'-6" or 6'-7", depending on who you choose to believe.  He's still thin (and always will be), but I'm becoming increasingly convinced that his weight is going to be less of an issue than all the hype it's receiving.  He has a strong and very accurate throw with a lightning-quick release.  With his height, he sees the field very well.  He has a good sense of the pass rush and is better at eluding rushers than most would expect for his 5+ second 40 time.  The best college analog is Tony Pike of Cincinnati, who is virtually the same build but had an uncanny knack for getting the ball to the right place.

General Information

Bray enrolled early at UT, even practicing with the team prior to the bowl game.  (While he obviously wasn't going to play for UT, he was enrolled and eligible to practice.)  He has received positive reviews from the staff so far, although he's still climbing the learning curve and shouldn't be judged yet.  His family has moved to Knoxville to be close to him and watch him play, but has the added bonus of giving him family support and helping him keep his head on straight when he becomes the most beloved man on campus.

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