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2010 Volunteer Football Signee: Channing Fugate

For those who watch football according to the ESPN all-starts-all-the-time point of view, Fugate is just another football commit to another school.  For those who obsess over football philosophy, Fugate is one of the most interesting commits in Tennessee's class.

Rated only as a three-star by Rivals and Scout, Fugate is a victim of the anti-fullback bias of the media world.  "Fullback" isn't even a searchable position on Rivals, and no fullback earns more than three stars on Scout.  A universal casualty of the various spread offenses, the fullback position has become somewhat of a red-headed stepchild in the football world.  But at Tennessee, a quality fullback is exactly the kind of player that can turn the tables on opposing defenses.

Channing is a very stocky 6'-2", 225 lbs (perhaps 230 by now) who should be an excellent blocker for Bryce Brown, David Oku, and company.  Like fellow Vol fullbacks Cooper and Johnson, Fugate should be able to find open pass routes pretty easily as the fullback is usually the unaccounted-for player on pass plays.  And in goal line situations, Fugate gives the Vols a powerful running option to match up against stacked defenses.  These are the tools that Fugate added to the table when he signed with the Vols.

I'm really excited about this guy wearing orange.

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