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2010 Volunteer Football Commit: Matt Milton

One of Tennessee's early enrollees, Matt Milton is one of the wide receivers in an impressive Volunteer 2010 class.  He stands 6'-6" and weighs about 200 lbs with 4.5-4.6 speed.  A four star of both Rivals and Scout, Milton brings height and length that Tennessee has been missing for a while - a trait that is invaluable for fade routes in red zone situations.

But despite his long, thin build, Milton is tough.  He served duty as running back in his senior year in high school in addition to receiver time - to the tune of 1301 yards and 20 rushing touchdowns (over 11 yards.carry).  He spent much of his early practice time at UT covered by Eric Berry, and managed to score a few clutch catches over the legend as well as learning the definition of SEC play from him.

Because of the way ratings are handed out, Milton has not been getting as much publicity as Markeith Ambles or Kyle Prater, but Milton will be as valuable of a target as any other receiver on the team.  Place him out wide, and smaller cornerbacks will struggle to defend high passes.  Move him into the slot, and safeties and linebackers will have trouble with his route-running.  If he can read zone defenses well, he may grow to be one of the more unstoppable receivers on the team.

Welcome, Matt!

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