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Michael Palardy is ALL VOL!

[Note by Joel, 02/03/10 7:37 AM EST ] Multiple enthusiastic running chest bumps to Hooper, who's pre-written most of what you'll read here today before dutifully heading off to a seminar. I'll be watching things, pushing buttons, and adding a little here and there. So, me, I just got a text (from who? I have no idea -- it seems like I signed up for news flashes by text from everyone who was offering, so hat tip to 600600!) that Michael Palardy has confirmed that he's signed his letter of intent. So the first woo of the day goes to a kicker.

Has a kicker ever been considered the most valuable recruit of a college's class before?  If not, Palardy may very well be the first to earn such an honor.  This kid is for real.


For in-game features, see the Rivals video here.  It's dated (hence the undecided bit), but he's very articulate and very talented.  It's no exaggeration to note that we'll get used to touchbacks with him on the Hill, as well as long, accurate field goal kicking.  His leg is a weapon, and exactly the kind of thing that was intended when Neyland noted that the kicking game is where 'the breaks are made'.

Be excited about a kicker.  Seriously.

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