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Rajion Neal is the latest Vol to sign on the line!

[Note by Joel, 02/03/10 8:28 AM EST ] Josh Ward's Tweet says it's official.

One of the later additions to the 2010 class was Rajion Neal, a four-star running back out of Sandy Creek, Georgia.  Neal visited the Vols over the weekend of January 22 and got to know the new coaching staff personally.  After the visit, he pledged himself to the Vols, adding to the terrific running back stable being developed on the Hill.

[Note:  a YouTube would be here, if only one existed that would pass the Fulmerizer  But there are videos if you're interested.]

At 5'-11" and 214 lbs., Neal is a very solidly built running back who will be a real load to bring down.  He has very strong legs and the ability to drive through defensive lines and fight linebackers for extra yards.  While his top speed may not be sufficient for many breakout runs, he will be a tough runner to bring down and can wear out many defenses over his tenure in Knoxville.

Look for Neal to be a power running back first, and to develop his agility game over time.  But toughness has always been a hallmark of a successful Vol running back, and Neal appears to be right in line to continue the tradition.

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