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Nash Nance is a Volunteer!

[Note by Joel, 02/03/10 9:52 AM EST ] Via VolQuest, it's official. Da'Rick Rogers announcing soon.

Nash Nance switched his commitment from Vanderbilt to Tennessee after having met with Dooley and the new staff, and is the fifth quarterback on the roster for the Vols.  The once paper-thin quarterback depth is now a thing of the past, and Nance looks to be a part of the future for the Vols.

Nance is not a 'blue-chipper' as a quarterback because of a lack of arm strength (though improving) and eye-popping high school stats, but he is a better grab than most people would normally give him credit for.  The thing to remember is that he transferred from a run-first school to Calhoun High, which set his stat sheet back a bit.  He's a Rivals two-star, but he's a very bright kid (4.0 GPA with offers from Vanderbilt and Harvard) who puts his brains to good use on the football field.    He's a good leader and is quick to adapt to new situations.  And those mental traits will serve him well.

Nance will likely redshirt a year as he continues to develop his passing ability, but he will most definitely not lack for the capacity to pick up the more advanced college game.  He could very well give Tyler Bray a run for the starting job in a year or two and is a player we can be happy with.

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