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Martaze Jackson is now a Vol!

[Note by Joel, 02/03/10 10:13 AM EST ] Via Drew Edwards, Jackson is official.

Martaze Jackson is an outside linebacker prospect from Demopolis, Alabama who visited the Vols on the 22nd of January and committed on the 24th.  A true Dooley commit, Jackson could not pass up the opportunity to learn under Lance Thompson and play in a likely 3-4 defense under Dooley.

At 6'-2" and a shade over 200 lbs., Jackson will need to add some bulk to effectively play linebacker at the SEC level.  And as a former defensive end at the high school level, he will need to learn to see the game from a different angle, assuming the likely position switch occurs.  But Jackson is very athletic and has the frame to continue to add weight.  His commitment to the Vols helps fill the thin linebacker roster and will be a valuable addition for the future.

Jackson, however, is a true team player.  He has a terrific work ethic and is focused on maximizing the play of the defensive unit as a whole rather than simply making highlight plays.  The video above gives nothing but reasons to be excited for him on the Hill.  He's not the flashiest, glitziest recruit on the board, but he's a true blue-collar worker who will be very appreciated by Vols fans by the time he's done here.

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