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Dave Clark followed Derek Dooley and is a Vol!

[Note by Joel, 02/03/10 8:55 AM EST ] Also via Josh Ward's Tweet.

Originally a Louisiana Tech commit, Dave Clark switched his pledge to Tennessee when Dooley became the head coach and has now made the decision official:  the junior college cornerback is a Volunteer.

Because Clark was such a recent commit to the Vols, there's not a whole wealth of information out there on him at the moment.  He's a Louisiana kid who went to high school in Baton Rouge, then community college in Independence, Kansas.  At 6'-2" and with 4.4 speed, he's a surprisingly tall player for cornerback and should be better suited to cover the larger receivers on opposing teams.

The lack of data is largely a function of lack of recruitment by other large schools.  The only reason we know much about him right now is that Dooley was recruiting him for La Tech prior to Dooley's move here.  I have no idea how likely he is to become a starter, but the depth is great to have, and his JUCO experience should help him pick up the system faster than if he had come straight from high school.

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