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2010 Volunteer football commit: JaWuan James

Welcome to Rocky Top, JaWuan!

This 6'-6" offensive tackle out of North Gwinnett, Georgia is one of the top tackle prospects in the country.  This is a guy we can really be excited about.

For all the cliche that The Blind Side may have made out of the position, the offensive tackle really is a rare thing to find.  Tall, quick, and powerful, the best OTs carry a combination of traits that just don't seem compatible in a human being.  James is a guy who is built for that combination of traits.

At only about 290 lbs., he's probably a little underweight for what his frame can handle, which does limit his straight-line blocking power.  He must also find ways to pick up speed and acceleration, but he's a very agile cat and, like most tackles, will continue to grow into himself over the next year or two.  He's a bright kid with a bright future ahead of him.

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