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2010 Volunteer Football Commit: Corey Miller

Corey Miller, from Duncan, South Carolina, was one of the early enrollees in the Volunteer class of 2010.  At 6'-4", 225 lbs., with 4.6 speed, he is the number 5 DE prospect on Rivals's board.

He's long, lean, and fast.  If he added a few more pounds (very likely), he could serve as a terrific candidate for a 'tweener who shifts between defensive end and linebacker, depending on whether the defense lines up in a 4-3 or a 3-4.  That transitional ability is great to have on board, as the defensive can radically shift its look without having to make substitutions.

Yes, he and Brandon Willis were at the center of the hostess fiasco a little while ago.  But the press didn't change Corey's mind in the least:  he was and always will be a Vol.

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