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2010 Volunteer Football Commit: Jacques Smith

Jacques may very well be the M.V.P. of recruiting season for the Vols.  The first commit of the 2010 class, Smith has been hard at work on the recruiting trail all year long.  He's sold the Orange and White as hard as anybody on either coaching staff; when the coaching change did occur, he very wisely considered his options, deciding to stay in-state and in Knoxville.

Simply put, he's The Ambassador.

Smith is a fantastic defensive end prospect and the top-ranked prospect in the state.  For P.R. reasons, it's fantastic to hold him because of that #1 ranking, but from practical purposes, he is simply a fantastic player at a very valuable position on the team.  He needs to add a few more pounds yet (currently around 235), but that is fully expected to happen over the course of strength and conditioning.

It's just great to see a kid who loves playing for a school as much as Jacques does.

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