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Raiques Crump is a Vol!

Update from Will:  Brent Hubbs ($) reports Crump says he has signed at 8:39 this morning

Crump is a linebacker out of Alabama who was an eleventh hour addition to the 2010 class.  Giving his commitment on the night before NSD, Crump helps round out the glaring need for linebackers that this class has addressed admirably.  He's only listed as a two-star due to the need to continue to develop physically, but he works hard and plays smart.  Give him a year and he'll be a great add.

As you can see, Crump was often playing as defensive end in high school, though he will translate better as a linebacker in college.  The time at DE will help him understand the play of the linemen in front of him, however, and will pay dividends down the road.

Crump appears to be very well regarded by Lance Thompson, which is a very favorable review for an otherwise unheralded player.  He will need a year to develop, but he may have more potential than we realize.

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