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James Stone is a Vol!

[Note by Joel, 02/03/10 10:43 AM EST ] His announcement is apparently scheduled for later, but multiple sources, including GVX, are saying that Stone has signed his paperwork and is official a Tennessee Volunteer.

Stone is yet another Tennessee native who has chosen to stay in-state for his playing career.  He's an offensive lineman who didn't appear to be coming to Knoxville when Kiffin was here, but quickly warmed up to the Dooley administration.

Stone has been a longtime acquaintance of Jacques Smith, and Smith was well known for recruiting Stone pretty heavily to come to UT early last year.  Stone's recruiting stock went on a bit of a roller coaster ride when some summer camps didn't go as well as hoped, but he's still considered a great grab, even if he may need a year to develop.

James and his family appeared to not care for the previous coaches, which was the primary reason that UT couldn't land him.  But that issue having been resolved to the Stones' satisfaction, he was happy enough with the program to come aboard.  He'll need to build up his technique, as his physicality was sufficient to win out in high school, but he's physically very well built for the line - possibly tackle.

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