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Tracking Tennessee - March 1

  • The Vols are 13th in the Coaches' Poll and 16th in the AP this week, with the loss at Florida from Tuesday all but forgotten in the aftermath of the win over #2 Kentucky.  The Cats slip to third in both polls, behind Kansas and your new #1:  Syracuse.  Also of note:  the Vols are an absurd six spots ahead of Vanderbilt in the Coaches' Poll, but three behind them in the AP.
  • The Vols' RPI ranking and strength of schedule are both at 15 today, as the Vols remain 3-5 against the RPI Top 50 with Florida hanging on at #46.  Both Ole Miss and Mississippi State are also on the cusp of the Top 50, at 55 and 56 respectively.
  • In today's Bracketology, SBN has Tennessee as a six seed (up from seven last week), but the Vols are up to a four in Joe Lunardi's bracket at  Lunardi has Mississippi State in his Last Four In, while Chris Dobbertean at SBN has them in his First Four Out.  Either way, Saturday night in Starkville will be the biggest game of MSU's season.