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Selection Sunday open thread

If for some reason you can't watch the Powers That Be announce the bracket on TV today, you can watch miniature versions of them do the same thing online at CBS. We had planned a bracket reaction podcast for either tonight or tomorrow, but unfortunately, Will, Hooper, and I were unable to coordinate our schedules to make it work, so consider this thread the place to react to the bracket both in real time and after the fact.

Take your time filling out your bracket, but once you do, be sure to enter one or all of the following Rocky Top Talk groups:

The current plan is to pick one of these sites to be the official place for the as-yet unnamed RTT Contest, which itself will be prizeless, and which I'm hoping you read as "priceless." ; - ) I'll try the SoBe one first for reasons that will become apparent tomorrow or the next day, but if it's too wonky, I'll check out CBS because they've been a great partner for SB Nation's NCAA sites. Still, if their site is too much trouble, we can always default to ESPN, because, although it has own foibles, we have at least used it in the past and know it works if you say the right things to it. I hope to have that all worked out by Tuesday or Wednesday.

You're probably wondering why we are even bothering to host groups on three different sites. Because they all have different incentives and prizes, and Lazlo Hollyfield had life figured out.