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Today on Rocky Top Talk

Just a quick reminder to enter your bracket in the official 2010 RTT Bracket Challenge. You need to get it in before the games start at 12:30 because the door locks after that. And pass the word along to your friends, if you would.

The plan for the day on RTT:

  • If we hear back from them in time, expect a quick Q&A from an SDSU guy at SB Nation blog Mountain West Connection before the games start.
  • The bracket-watching open thread goes live at noon, and yes, it will include CBS's March Madness On Demand player as a pop up so you can both watch live online and participate in the comment thread if you choose. I won't be able to participate until after hours, but hope to join as soon thereafter as possible.
  • The Tennessee-SDSU game thread will go live as early as 8:00 tonight (tip off's not until 9:45 or later). Depending on how many comments the earlier bracket-watching thread has, we may post it (or another bracket-watching thread) early. 

That's the plan. Enjoy!