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Vols on their way to the Sweet Sixteen

Talking Points for 3/22/10:


  • That on-air spat between Wayne Chism and J.P. Prince at the end of the Ohio game? No big deal:
    The cameras were there to catch it: Wayne Chism and Prince got animated with one another in the second half after an on-court disagreement. "That's my roommate, and Wayne's like my brother, and we were just settling something real quick,'' Prince said. "It looked worse than it was.'' Chism laughed about it in the locker room. "I told J.P. he had to come and get the ball,'' Chism said. "We were just on a different page. "J.P. and me are tight, and we've known each other since we were little.''
  • Football Spring Practice

    • Running back Tauren Poole thinks he's the guy to beat for the starting gig, with or without Bryce Brown. He was disappointed in part last season because it became obvious earlier on that Lane Kiffin was hell bent on playing Brown so he could use it as a recruiting pitch to other blue chippers. 
    • Derek Dooley and Jim Chaney have the quarterbacks throwing like crazy already. Nick Stephens is loving it and working hard to find positives in last season:

      When asked what he gained from that season, he paused thoughtfully.

      "Are you talking about a positive experience?" he asked, grinning sheepishly.

      After another pause, he replied: "No matter what you do, you've got to pull a positive out of it or you'll make yourself miserable. From the playing experience I got last year I think I played pretty well.

      "I knew coming into this year that there would be nobody in front of me and it would be my job to lose. If you worry about last year it's just going to make you a negative person, so I'm not doing that."

    • After three head coaches in three years, Gerald Jones has no time or patience for niceties:

      "I've had so many coaches, so I'm not really looking forward to relationships outside of football," Jones said after UT's spring-opening Thursday practice. "I just want them to coach the (heck) out of me, and I'm going to play the best I can and do everything I can for them.

      "If they'll just be themselves, actually be here for us and try to help us get better every day, that's all I really care about."

    • The o-line, as of right now? Pretty green, with right guard Jarrod Shaw, right tackle JerQuari Schofield, left tackle Dallas Thomas, left guard Cody Pope, and center Victor Thomas. 

    • Nuggets from this article: (1) Dooley wishes he had four Luke Stockers. (2) Offensive line coach Harry Hiestand is getting his players to go 100% by telling them that he'll take the blame for any missed blocking assignments. (3) The new offense has a lot of the same concepts as last year's, but uses "far different" terminology.