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April 1 shenanigans: Dooley resigns, Hamilton fired and replaced by Al Davis

  • Heh. It's the first of April, and Vols in the Fall has the scoop of the day. raynoch46 also emails that WIVK is saying that Tennessee will be installing orange turf this season.
  • Derek Dooley and several assistant coaches have signed memos of understanding. Wes Rucker has all of the pdfs and breaks down the particulars of Dooley's agreement: (1) six-year deal that escalates from $1.8M to $2.3M; (2) resignation buyouts starting at $4M before 2/15/12 and gradually diminishing to $500k during the final four years of the agreement; and (3) termination buyouts starting at $5M before 2/15/13 and gradually diminishing to $2.5M in the agreement's final year.
  • Jim Chaney has absolutely no problem with defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox's age (33), saying that with his credentials, Chaney wouldn't care if Wilcox was 12. Which would be fun.
  • Who's the current favorite to win the QB battle for UT? Brace for coachspeak:
"I think they're all doing a good job and they're all working hard which is what you want to see. Nick's a little older than the other guys but they're all doing a good job and they're showing me that they want to get better every day out here. That's the attitude that they need to have this time of year and that's what I'm seeing from them,"

That's from QB coach Darin Hinshaw. Hinshaw also says that Tyler Bray enrolling early and trading a high school spring for 15 college practices is invaluable ($?).

  • Yeah, both Eric Berry and Dennis Rogan have left the Tennessee secondary, but secondary coach Terry Joseph says the expectations for the unit are the same ($?). Nyshier Oliver and Eric Gordon are reportedly impressing.
  • Bruce to BC? A social media campaign to lure Bruce Pearl to Boston College.
  • Bruce is hoping to get Wayne Chism, J.P. Prince, and Bobby Maze all into the NBA. Weezy's been on mock draft boards for much of the season, Pajamas is on there now due to his performance in the NCAA Tournament, and Pearl's either working to get Bobby into a senior pre-draft camp next week or has already succeeded.
  • As noted in our first-ever high school basketball game thread here at RTT, Tennessee signee Tobias Harris re-aggravated a small break in one of his piggies. He'll need to rest for 7-10 days.
  • The Vol Historian has learned how to post pictures, so expect even more awesomeness from him in coming weeks, including this great black and white of ABC broadcasting the one televised game for the week from Neyland Stadium.