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Was Lane Kiffin the worst hire of the decade? Are Calipari fans "dumb as a bag of hammers?"

Talking Points for 4/14/10:

  • Secondary. Art Evans and Janzen Jackson think that new defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox is going to let his defensive backs take more chances than Monte Kiffin did. Jackson, though, will be lining up in the hybrid safety/linebacker position closer to the line like Eric Berry did last year, so expect more hard hits than interceptions from him this season.
  • D-line. Defensive tackle Montori Hughes is apparently becoming a non-cute, dog-eating monster, and Dooley is quite high on new defensive ends Jacques Smith and Corey Miller:
    "Let me tell you, those two guys are going to be really good football players for us," UT coach Derek Dooley said. "Jacques Smith and Corey Miller - great attitude, great character, they play with tremendous effort and toughness and got a lot of good physical skills. I'm glad they're a part of our program. "I think they're progressing at a real rapid pace and they're going to be important to us this year."
    Rae Sykes, by the way, is gaining weight and getting props from Chuck Smith for moving from end to tackle.
  • Celebrity coach John Adams interviewed himself, presumably because no one else would. That's some initiative, right there.
  • Videos: Dooley's comments, and spring practice update.
  • Emanuel Negedu was in fact cleared to play by some doctor in California, but unfortunately, not by any decision-maker at Tennessee. Best of luck to E-man, whatever his decision.
  • Tennessee is still in hot pursuit of Josh Selby, who will announce on Saturday during halftime of the Jordan Classic at Madison Square Garden whether he'll attend Tennessee, Kansas, Connecticut, or Arizona.