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Tennessee's Orange and White Game Talking Points

Special weekend Talking Points. Woo and all.

  • The players are quite excited about today's Orange and White Game:

    The teams practiced with each other Thursday and met afterward, with the Orange team concluding its talk with a rousing rendition of "White team (stinks)."

    Loud, good-natured ribbing ensued from both sides, and it reached a point where first-year coach Derek Dooley asked a student manager to blow the air horn and "tell them to get out of here before we have a riot."

    "I think they're excited. What do y'all think?" Dooley then said to reporters.

    The game, by the way, will be shown live on, and SportSouth will air a delayed version on Sunday at 8:00 p.m., Tuesday at 10:00 p.m., and Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.Yes, there will be a live thread, and it may or may not include a new picture of Jackson.
  • There are a couple of great features this morning, one on speedy receiver Denarius Moore and one on brainy and persistent Marsalis Teague.
  • Derek Dooley, on the banning of the wedge:

"I think every time somebody gets hurt there's this, 'Oh, my gosh, how can we prevent that from happening?' " Dooley said. "You're not going to prevent concussions because you hit each other in the head. You're not going to prevent shoulder injuries because you hit each other, and guys are big and fast and the force equals mass times acceleration. And we have a lot of mass and they're accelerating and it causes great force.

"The only way you're going to eliminate injury is to put the flags on and take the pads off. Then you'll have ACL (injuries), and then they'll say, 'We can't go full-speed because we don't want any ACLs.' It's a part of the game. You try to make it as safe as possible, but you also have to understand that it is a collision sport and a violent game."

There's a reason that guy's no longer a lawyer. Also, we've got a bit of a jump on the wedge thing, by the way, as Dooley doesn't use it anyway.


  • Hey, look. You can get tickets to the Florida game, provided you also buy tickets to UT-Martin and UAB.

  • Video: Post-practice comments from Derek Dooley and Chris Walker, who was grinning about choosing a bunch of linemen while his opposition picked a bunch of linebackers.

  • Well this isn't laughable. Scotty Hopson said that submitting paperwork to the NBA for a draft review was "a formality that will give him feedback on what he needs to do to be prepared to that that next step.'' That's actually pretty smart.

  • Josh Selby, the fourth-best prospect in the nation according to some, will announce whether he's going to sign with Tennessee or Kansas (or, possibly, someone else) tonight at the Jordan Brand All-American All-Star game. It's on ESPN2 at 8:00 p.m. Live thread, anyone?