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What's Tennessee's best case scenario for 2010?

Talking Points for 4/19/10:

  • Mark Wiedmer thinks the Vols could win anywhere from five to nine games this season. The best case scenario involves a 3-0 start against Tennessee-Martin, Oregon, and Florida, which still sounds just outside the realm of reasonable possibility to me. What do y'all think?
  • Nothing new yet (other than rumors, which suggest it's nothing major) on the Darren Myles incident. Stay tuned. [Update from Will 10:49 AM EDT - KNS reports Myles was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. Myles, 19, was apparently riding on the hood of a car in the parking lot of Sobu on Kingston Pike, after being removed from the building by bouncers. More info at the link above.]
  • Wes Rucker says that with the exception of Bryce Brown, Aaron Douglas, and Nick Stephens, the team has bought in to Derek Dooley. If so, chalk up another victory against long odds for Precious, the first being the #9 recruiting class despite the thing taking on water three weeks from the finish line.
  • Dooley is using the generally pervasive pessimism of Vol fans and media to motivate the team through the summer:

    The speech was short and upbeat, but still long and serious enough to transport the Tennessee football team from a post-game spring locker room all the way to the fall.

    Coach Derek Dooley practically whispered for emphasis as he told players what the consensus expectations would be. In a couple of paraphrased words, "not much."

    . . . .

    UT should be a consensus pick to finish no higher than fourth in the SEC East. There probably will be more predictions of 4-8 than 8-4.

    Dooley’s final spring message: Think about those expectations and predictions.

  • Dooley says that the spring for the offensive line couldn't have been much better "given the situation." The biggest concern remains center, where it appears that Cody Pope and Victor Thomas are vying for the starting gig. That would mean that Dallas Thomas and Ja'Wuan James are your most likely tackles and the JerQuari Schofield and Jarrod Shaw are your guards. Behind them, well, crickets, mostly.
  • Al Wilson's 15-year-old son is continuing to fight off a brain tumor. Chemotherapy has taken care of one, but they're still working on the second. I could not agree more with this statement from GVX:
    The revelation suddenly turns the tables on one of UT’s most respected leaders. Now, Wilson needs his teammates just like they needed him in 1998 when the Vols won a national championship for the first time in 47 years.
    Actually, clarify that. He needs them more than they needed him, and the statement is true of fans as well. Prayers for Al and his son.