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Summer vacation plans at RTT

The Man with the Plan? Ha!
The Man with the Plan? Ha!

Whew. Man, it seems like we went from Fulmer's firing to Kiffin's hiring to Kiffin's conspiring to football to basketball to recruiting to the draft and now . . . well, what exactly? Last year, we could count on Kiffin making some sort of news by noise, but Dooley's duct-taped the entire complex and nothing's getting out of there.

It's all just as well, really, as Will, Hooper, and I have all still been running around crazy as usual, just in different directions and wearing our non-gameday apparel. One thing we've all been doing, though, is writing for this year's Maple Street Press Tennessee annual. Apparently, we're all over it. Good to hear.

Yes, Rocky Top Tennessee 2010 is being birthed (it's painful and messy and although the parents take pictures and coo, no one else wants to be anywhere near the process) as we speak. It will be out in late July or early August, by the way, so don't blow all of your cash on the four pages of Tennessee content most of the preseason magazines offer or even on the looks-like-it's-all-Tennessee-but-is-really-half-ads magazine that hits the shelves earlier in the summer. Wait patiently for Rocky Top Tennessee 2010. 128 pages. All Vols. No ads. You'll have plenty of time to digest the whole thing before kickoff.

Anyway, while we're slaving away at that, content on the blog is suffering a bit, and combine that with the fact that we've also got the problem of not having Kiffin and his mouth around this year and we've got trouble with a capital T, and that rhymes with P, and that stands for paucity. But here's the cool thing. While the full-time professionals are all staving off burnout by wisely taking summer vacations and cruising care-free through the summer, we'll still be foolishly cranking it out here at RTT. At least after the MSP cigars have been smoked, anyway.

So what do y'all want to see in this space over the summer? A few ideas, drawing on things we've done in the past or meant to get to but never did:

  • A Best Plays of 2009 Bracket.
  • Season previews. (These are tricky, b/c we're doing them for MSP and can't duplicate content, but we might could figure something out.)
  • A review of the recruits from the past few classes to see how they panned out.
  • A Jar-System ranking of and looking at the new recruits for this year.
  • A recap of the 2009 football season (does anyone care?)
  • An examination of how the RTT Computer BlogPoll ballot generator thingy did over the past couple of years as compared to the final BCS rankings, and perhaps a crowd-sourced group project to finally iron out that nasty strength of schedule pickle.
  • Other wacky ideas.

Do us a favor and rank those in order of what you'd like to see from us this summer, and toss in some additional ideas to boot. 'Cuz we aim to please. When we're awake.