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Derek Dooley quotes from the Big Orange Caravan

  • Hooker: Dooley's focus: shape a class for the long term " GoVolsXtra
    "I think what the player sees is a real consistent behavior and a consistent message that the right kind of guys will gravitate to. Now, that's not going to win all types of players. Some players are going to be more wooed by the flash and the bling. Well, that's not my style. Does that mean we may lose a player or two? Maybe so. "But I think over the long haul we'll have as many good players (as other teams) and they'll be better representatives of Tennessee."

  • Depth, inexperience Dooley's challenges " GoVolsXtra
    "I think it's (about) being less flexible (this season), meaning we've got to tighten down and keep it clean early on. What you want to do is you want a player to perform at his capacity. Here's the balancing act - I want you to play fast and not think. Well, the only time players can do that is when they know it so well it's like playing in the backyard. Then you balance that with you have to be complex enough to put them in a position to succeed. In other words, if you're just real simple, well, they've got good coaches on the other side. They know how to stop you."

  • Dooley not feeling the heat yet " GoVolsXtra
    "If you try to temper fans' expectations, you're walking up a hill you can't climb," Dooley said during the tour stop at the Cleveland Country Club. "Here's what's fun - the expectations now versus the fall. Now it's, 'Hey, coach, we're understanding. We've got a long way to go.' "But the first time you kick that ball off, the feelings change a little bit because of the competitive environment, and that's OK. You wouldn't want it any other way. Surprisingly, expectations aren't that different anywhere you go. It's always a little higher than what you could probably pull off - no matter where you are."

  • Chattanooga Times Free Press | Dooley talks to UT fans
    (Transcription of one of the Q&A sessions).

  • Chattanooga Times Free Press | Care-avan time
    "He's a stand-up guy," said UT signee and former Calhoun (Ga.) High star receiver Da'Rick Rogers, who was at the tour stop with fellow UT signee and high school teammate Nash Nance. "He speaks with a wisdom that's hard to describe. He talks and you believe him, and that's why I wanted to play for him."