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Reviewing Tennessee's Class of 2009: RTT#13 Greg King

Up next in our series reviewing the Class of 2009 is linebacker Greg King:

So why is it that a guy like King can get only three stars from Rivals and Scout each and still end up with eight RTT jars? Because Alabama wanted him, and we got him.

So how did he do his inaugural season? Not bad:

2009 STATS
Ast Solo Total TFL TFL
9 10 14 24 1.5 1 1-8 2


He started two of the nine games he played (Ohio and Vanderbilt), had a decent amount of tackles, and even added an interception against Steve Spurrier's quarterback, which is especially nice.

Highlights? Highlights:


Yeah, some of his finer moments were the result of right-place, right-time, but that's at least part of the game's name, is it not?

So I'd say that for RTT#13 and a guy 'Bama wanted but couldn't have, King did about as well as expected. What say you?