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Reviewing Tennessee's Class of 2009: RTT#12 Marlon Walls

Up next as we continue to review the Class of 2009 is RTT#12 Marlon Walls, who was actually RTT#5 in the Class of 2008 but got re-routed to junior college. Here's how he looked prior to the 2009 season:

That there is how a nasty defensive lineman is supposed to look except for the fact that he's pictured with a linebacker's body, which is apparently how he was recruited. But he's listed as a DL on last year's NCAA roster and a 6'3", 289-pound defensive tackle on UT's 2010 roster.

Walls played in eight games in 2009 (UCLA and the last seven games), but had only two tackles all season. Not a lot for a guy who both Alabama and Florida were chasing, but you can't really tell how many snaps he got in those eight games. The guy played well in the spring game and projects to be the starter at the tackle spot next to Montori Hughes this season. With Hughes and two excellent defensive ends, expect offenses to try to exploit Walls and him to therefore have his chances in 2010. But his 2009 season was not quite up to expectations.