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Derek Dooley hearts his staff

Talking Points for 5/20/10:

  • This opening from Inside Tennessee ($) really puts things into perspective:
    Tennessee went a combined 12-13 the past two football seasons, the program's worst two-year mark since Johnny Majors opened 9-12-1 by going 4-7 in 1977 and 5-5-1 in '78. Moreover, a mass exodus of players caused by two head coaching changes within 14 months reduced the Vols' talent and depth to perhaps their lowest levels in two decades.
    Yeah, that. I'm still meaning to work up something on the two-year transitional attrition Tennessee's experienced, but it's going to have to wait until the annual's put to bed. Anyway, Inside Tennessee uses that intro to launch into several quotes from Derek Dooley about his staff, which he loves. They're right, I think. It doesn't have the star power of the 2009 group (". . . no one as famous as Monte Kiffin or as infamous as Ed Orgeron . . ."), but it does have talent and experience.
  • Not Tennessee-specific, but AWESOME is this post on 4th-down decision-making from MGoBlog. A rarity in that it is a must-read not only for serious football fans, but for those making millions of dollars coaching the game as well. I've just made Hooper's day.
  • The schedule always conspires against us here at RTT when it comes to UT baseball, but fans should note that despite an earlier seven-game losing streak, the team is within two wins of making the NCAA Tournament. In a quirk of baseball, they can miss out on the SEC Tourney and still make the NCAA Tournament.