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Bryce Brown's long goodbye continues; Derek Dooley is tough as a tick

Talking Points for 5/21/10:

  • Still no news on Bryce Brown. Everyone in the know seems to be assuming that his departure is inevitable. Yet, word is he hasn't left yet.
  • Derek Dooley on working for Nick Saban ($?):
    The ones that couldn't keep up perished and the ones that could thrived. I thrived in it. I really enjoyed being in his system. That's not to say I was happy all the time. I wasn't. It was tough. But I knew two things: One, I was going to be a better coach and, two, we were going to win. Because of that, I stayed with him for a long time.
    Dooley's one tough hombre. Working in a law firm for two years and under Saban for seven would kill most other hombres.
  • Josh Ward identifies the SEC's top five wide receiver signees in 2010, and two of them -- Da'Rick Rogers and Justin Hunter -- will be dressed in orange. A top ten would have been interesting, because Matt Milton and Ted Meline are no slouches. I'd bet that one of the twoathem would also make the top ten cut. And don't forget, we still have Gerald Jones and Denarius Moore. If we can just get these guys the ball . . . .
  • Defensive lineman John Brown, whom Tennessee desperately needs at least for depth, is enrolled in a mini-term class at community college. Pass, and he's off to Tennessee. Fail, and he gets a do-over in the next mini-term. Pass that, and he's off to Tennessee in the fall. Fail, and, well, there's always next year.
  • That "Tennessee baseball has its own fate in its hands" thing? Well. The golf team, though, is crushing it.
  • In his Contenders series, Dr. Saturday looks at Alabama's chances of repeating as national champions and concludes:
    Even if last year's team was returning almost entirely intact, a la Florida's 2008 championship squad before last season, the law of averages almost commands a slight step back: The Tide have won 24 straight regular season games, 16 straight in the SEC, an absurd run in a league that hasn't had a repeat champion since 1997-98. This isn't a strong year for the conference, and there certainly isn't another team that looks poised to make a run at 'Bama as the resident frontrunner. When it comes to running the table for the third year in a row, though, the turnover on defense is too steep and too many potential snipers on the schedule to warrant the benefit of the doubt. If a return trip to the BCS Championship is in order, it's probably going to require a little help from somewhere else at the top of the polls to get there.
    Thoughts on that, Vol fans?