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Reviewing Tennessee's Class of 2009: RTT#7 Rae Sykes

Up next in our series reviewing the Class of 2009 is Rae Sykes. His pre-2009 profile:


How we rank these guys.

So let's recap. Stellar high school career. RTT#6 in 2007, but re-routed to junior college. Didn't play in two years of junior college due to injury. RTT#7 in 2009 with nine jars and offers from LSU, Georgia, and Florida. Played against Western Kentucky and then disappeared for the remainder of the season. No real mention in the recap of the 2010 spring game.

Still on the roster, though, and apparently in the mix for a defensive tackle position behind Montori Hughes and Marlon Walls along with senior Chase Nelson, sophomore Steven Fowlkes, redshirt freshman Arthur Jeffery, and junior college transfer John Brown. So far, not so good for someone ranked in the top ten of two different UT classes two years apart. Yet the guy's apparently got a great deal of talent, and perhaps the circumstances are finally right for him to shine.