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Be careful what you promise when shaking hands with Bruce Pearl

Talking Points for 5/24/10:

  • Did you know that basketball coaches apparently have an understanding among each other that when a kid commits to a school, the other schools back off and stop recruiting him? Really. No, seriously. Of course, you have to wonder if that's changing what with the growing number of decommitments in bball, most recently and notably Terrence Jones, who switched from Washington to . . . Calipari. In any event, watch what you're promising when you shake hands with Bruce Pearl:
    "To me, it's consistent with contract law," Pearl said. "If a kid gives me a verbal commitment and, God forbid, he gets hurt and never plays a down or a minute, he's going to be on scholarship because that verbal contract is as good as signing a national letter of intent to me. I think that's how we should operate."
    But seriously, I love that. I don't know that it's a winning strategy in this day and age, but I still love it.
  • Bruce Pearl says that the favorite to win the SEC in 2010-11 is . . . drumroll . . . Florida. The Calipari Wildcats, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Georgia are all bunched up in a race for second, and it's sounding like Pearl thinks Calipari is bringing up the rear of that group. We'll see.
  • Eddrick Loften is apparently on his way to UT, having received the test score he needed to get qualified. He still has to await The Clearinghouse -- cue the dunh dunh dunh -- but he's planning to arrive July 1.
  • Quarkback on the radar. A little heavy for a quark, actually, but 5'7", 188-pound Jerron Seymour claims to have scored TDs on 22 of his 126 rushing attempts at Hialeah (Fla.) High School last fall. Math guys, some favorable extrapolating, please?
  • Video: Nick Reveiz's comeback in full gear.