Chris Low: 7-5 is best case scenario for Tennessee


Look, I like Chris Low. I think he's extremely knowledgeable, was among the very best on UT when he covered the Vols exclusively, and anybody that's got a picture of Larry Bird in their office is alright in my book. But 7-5, "eight wins with the bowl game" as a BEST CASE scenario? I agree with Low that 4-8 is a worst case scenario, because there's just no way we should lose to Tennessee-Martin, UAB, Tiger High or Vandy. And I agree that playing well in the Oregon game is absolutely critical. But I still think the best case scenario for this team has to be higher than just 7-5. Split Oregon and Florida, split LSU and Georgia, that's 9 wins. If we get and make some breaks, that's the best case scenario to me.