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Nebraska leaving Big 12 for Big 10?

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SB Nation college sites are jumping with news of conference realignment in light of reports yesterday that Nebraska has decided to bolt the Big 12 and officially RSVP tomorrow to an invitation to join the Big 10.

The prevailing . . . wisdom? . . . is that if Nebraska does in fact leave, that will mean that Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech will decide to leave as well, which would of course spell the death of the Big 12.'s Chip Brown has reported that the Longhorns athletic director and president gathered Texas coaches and gave them the "we did everything we could, but the injuries were too severe" speech, which would mean Nebraska was a vital organ to the Big 12. Anyway. The dominoes, then, would have the three Texas schools plus Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Colorado accepting invitations to the Pac-10's party.

So what about the shattered remains of the Big 12? On their own, man. Missouri would apparently love to join the Big 10, but the Big 10 is apparently only interested in Notre Dame, Nebraska, and either Rutgers or Maryland. Missouri? Stiff arm.

Word is that all of this will shake out by Monday, a date that the Big 12 has set to either become blood brothers for an extended period of time or storm off in a huff waving middle fingers. Whatever realignment emerges would be effective in 2012, which would make for some dramatic storylines over the next two seasons.

What's this all mean for the SEC? The SEC appears to be sitting on the porch, grinning and picking its banjo. Maybe it should make a play for Texas and volunteers should go save their butts from the aggressors once again. Or maybe they should just keep picking and grinning.

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