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USC sanctions to include bowl ban, loss of scholarships

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As Will posted earlier, Bruce Feldman has said that the NCAA has dealt USC at least a two-year bowl ban and a loss of more than 20 scholarships. The LA Times reports that the NCAA has informed USC of its decision and could make it official by public announcement as early as today.

USC athletic director Mike Garrett said he is "looking at things right now," which, having Ed Orgeron in the same building, could mean anything. He may be looking at other possible penalties, including forfeiture of victories, probation, and limiting contacts with recruits, which, again, with Ed Orgeron in the building, would be worth watching. Withdrawal is an ugly thing.

The sanctions, of course, come on the heels of a four-year investigation of former football player Reggie Bush and former basketball player O.J. Mayo. In 2006, reports surfaced that several members of Bush's immediate family had lived in a home in San Diego that was owned by some dude who intended to work for a group that represented Bush when he turned pro. Mayo reportedly took cash and other benefits from a guy who helped get him to USC.

Vol fans are feeling some sort of sweet justice that the Kiffin clan that helicoptered out of here without warning for a "better job" out West finds himself on the deck of a flaming, sinking ship on an oil spill during a hurricane. The rats always survive, though, and I just wonder where he'll go next. And I almost hate to relish what's happening to USC just because of some residual bitterness toward their coach. I have good friends who are USC fans, and I feel bad for them. On the other hand, they sure had a good time with Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll, and until the NCAA figures out how to void cheers and shouts and remove all remnants of actually-experienced historical joy, no amount of after-the-fact forfeited victories can undo the thrill they experienced from 2003 to 2005.

What do y'all think?