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Talking Points: Now With 100% More Vuvuzela

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  • First, click here to Vuvuzela-ize this here website in honor of the good old USA taking on Slovenia in the World Cup this morning while you're busy doing those TPS reports. HT: Spencer. Yes, you can fine-tune your telly to silence the things, but, like Spencer says, what's the fun in that?
  • Luke Stocker thinks Pau Gasol looks like an ostrich. Dude's right.
  • Geoff Calkins, on the reports that FedEx was posturing to buy its way in to a better conference:
    The story was spun by various outlets to suggest that FedEx was offering a big pile of cash as direct payment to any conference that would add Memphis. That's crazy. FedEx has a responsibility to shareholders, above all. The company has had to lay off employees in the recession. It's not going to do anything with corporate advertising money that it can't defend to its board.

    So FedEx executives didn't have any conversations with officials from BCS conferences?

    That's what the company said in a press release, but someone had better tell Memphis athletic director R.C. Johnson if that's true.
    Johnson joked that Fred Smith and the FedEx CFO were "two of the highest-paid assistant ADs in the history of mankind."
  • Mike Hamilton isn't reveling in USC's failures. No, that duty falls squarely on the shoulders of fans.
  • Tyler Smith returned to Knoxville to play basketball in the Pilot Rocky Top League last night unsure of how he'd be received but certain that "you don't run from your mistakes." His reception was warm. Iterate your way out of mistakes, says the Crush It man.
  • Eric Berry is throwing his considerable influence behind a new Center for Safer Athletic Fields, a partnership between UT and AstroTurf.
  • Brian Williams is using the PRTL as a lab in which he can experiment with various new offensive moves, including a six foot fall-away jumper.
  • Team Speed Kills predicts 4th place in the SEC East for the Vols in 2010.
  • Doug's back!
  • Dawg Sports posts 7 reasons he's glad he's an SEC fan.